Guestimate seat prediction, #nanos April 29: #CPC 147, #NDP 104, #LPC 51, #BQ 6 #elxn41 #cdnpoli #polls41 Details:

This is a very rough seat prediction, because, while I like Nanos’ methodology, their results aren’t broken down regionally enough, and their methodology also smoothes out the trendline so you have to watch it over a longer period of time.

However, because I’m a geek, I fed the numbers into my Seat Predictor and got:

Conservative: 147 (Ranging between 145 and 181)
NDP: 104 (Anywhere from 0 to 104)
Liberal: 51 (Between 51 and 87)
BQ: 6 (Between 6 and 40)

What does this mean is likely to happen on Monday?

Conservative victory, possibly a majority.  Other than that?  I have no clue.

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