Steven Britton

Steve is a freelance programmer, partial billionaire, dad, Recovering Atheist, Conservative, and occasionally prolific blogger.

Could Harper be Poised to Pull it off? Is a Conservative Majority Possible? I think it just might be.

For the last few weeks, things have looked pretty grim for the Conservative Party; of course, that’s assuming you believe what the mainstream media tells you.  The CBC, CTV, the National Post, and of course Pravda The Toronto Star all  seem to be actively campaigning for the NDP/Liberal coalition. However, Ekos released…

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Latest Seat Projection Conservatives Gaining Ground

Update: Forgot to mention the source of this data:  Abacus.  Poll date: August 31, 2015.  Map colours also updated to make things easier to understand, and added an additional map. (September 5, 2015)  Note to mobile users:  This program isn’t perfect for you, yet; but I will be adding that…

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SLAPPED Kathleen Smith (aka KikkiPlanet) Slapped with $500,000 SLAPP Suit

Earlier, I wrote about a co-operative community in Edmonton known as ArtSpace, which was peripherally involved in an ongoing, protracted labour dispute between AUPE, the Alberta Union of Public Employees and an organization called SAIL (Support for Artspace Independent Living.)  SAIL provides, as you can read on their website, basic personal care services,…

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