Tonight, Albertans squandered a wonderful opportunity.  Imagine a land of hope.  Of dreams.  Of freedom.

Now take that image and set it on fire – because that’s what Albertans did tonight.  By re-electing a Progressive Conservative government, Albertans set this province back 20 years.  Albertan voters elected a party that has been bullying and intimidating doctors, nurses and school boards.  A party that struck a committee that didn’t meet for more than three years, and then set up the compensation structure to include “bonus” pay for sitting on the committee.  A party that gave their cabinet ministers a 30% raise on a whim.

Well, Albertans have spoken.  I disagree – entirely – with their choice; but this is a democracy.  So, Albertans will have to be punished for their stupid decision.

Oh no, not by me.  I won’t be lifting a finger (except for exploring real estate in Saskatoon) to do anything to Albertans for their decision.  I will leave Alberta to suffer the consequences of their actions.