I’ve been accused, by using the term “terrorism” of insulting the victims of terrorism around the world.

Let me be clear: that is not my intent.  There is no disrespect.

At all.

The horrible events of 9/11 and other dates around the world ring loud and clear with me.  I remember that morning like it was yesterday, listening to the radio as the Twin Towers came crumbling down, killing 3,000 people in the process.

No.  Unlike the “truthers”, I have respect for the victims of terrorism, and for those who fight the terrorists.

However none of that contradicts what I am about to say.

You see, terrorism, in its base form, is the use of fear to influence people.  That’s it.  That’s all.  The word “terror” is rooted, after all in “fear”.  So, whether one is violent, or not, if one uses fear to influence behaviour, then one is engaging in terrorism.

KikkiPlanet.com posted this gem earlier tonight, posting about “Conscience Rights” that are included in the policy of the Wildrose Party.

Let me be clear before I go any further:

I am not a member of the Wildrose Party.  I speak for myself.  I do not speak for the Wildrose Party.

At all.

However, KikkiPlanet’s gross mischaracterization of Conscience Rights needs to be addressed.

According to KikkiPlanet:

Conscience Rights allow doctors to ignore the oath they took when they became doctors. Conscience rights allow lawyers to ignore the oath they took to uphold the law, above all else, when they stood before the Bar to be admitted, thus allowing them to refuse to act on behalf of someone of a different race.

Conscience rights allow marriage commissioners to refuse to marry same sex couples, despite the fact that those same commissioners are given powers by a government that acknowledges the rights of gays to marry.

Conscience rights allow pharmacists to refuse to fill certain prescriptions. Conscience rights would allow me, if I were a doctor, to deny treatment to a Christian, based on the fact that I’m an atheist.

Conscience rights allow doctors to refuse to perform or recommend fertility treatments.

It’s bullshit, of course.

Conscience rights means that a marriage commissioner who happens to oppose gay marriage on religious grounds, can simply say to a couple, “I’m sorry, I personally cannot marry you on a matter of personal conscience, however here is a list of marriage commissioners who would be more than willing to marry you.”

Is this really – REALLY – such a big deal?

It’s called a referral, and it happens all the time.  I once needed some dental work done, and asked my dentist if he used nitrous oxide.  He said he did not, but could refer me to one who did.  As it turns out, I didn’t need the work after all, but that’s how these things work.

Nobody will be denied the opportunity to get married.

Doctors take an oath to heal people.  The oath ensures, amongst other things, confidentiality.  A doctor, by the Hippocratic Oath, cannot refuse to provide a medically necessary treatment based on the behavioural choice of a patient.

Nobody will be denied health care services because they’re gay.  Or black.  Or an atheist.

Nobody is going to bleed to death because a doctor won’t treat them.

Nobody is going to be refused birth control pills because a pharmacist is Catholic.

This is nothing more than terrorism.

And, like Bob Rae, the people engaging in this believe you’re stupid enough to believe them.

Do us all a favour: prove them wrong.

Vote Wildrose.