I’m just throwing this out there, because, based on what Stephen Harper has been saying, as of right now, it seems fairly unlikely, however elections can cause strange things to happen.

Michael Ignatieff and Stephen Harper agree on little. But it does seem that Ignatieff and Harper DO agree that a government headed by Jack Layton would be disastrous for Canada.

Consider a scenario where, as I have previously posted, Parliament returns with the NDP around 100 seats, The Conservatives at around 145, the BQ at 15, and the Liberals sitting around the 48 seat mark.

Obviously, Michael Ignatieff will be gone as Leader of the Liberals, and someone will be chosen to take his place. I can see in this scenario a – yes, I’m going to say it, and I’m choking as I do – some sort of informal “agreement” forming. Not between the Liberals and NDP, but – here it comes – between the Conservatives and the Liberals. Maybe not a spoken one; maybe not even an announced agreement, but a simple agreement that with a few small changes to the budget, the Liberal caucus would agree to support the throne speech and budget, keeping Stephen Harper in the PMO as the lesser – from the Liberals’ viewpoint – of two evils.