It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything to this blog, and the reason for that is simple: Unlike many social activists, I actually work for a living. Most conservatives do; which is why you always see public rallies and demonstrations by left wingnuts and not conservatives (usually).

The Liberals and their supporters, in a shameful and desperate (yet futile, if you look at the polls) attempt to deceive Canadians into believing that Stephen Harper is the Antichrist, are spreading a number of lies. Let’s examine some of them:

Lie #1: Jean Chretien had a mandate from the people. Stephen Harper does not.

By some twisted logic, the person telling this first lie wants us to believe that because Jean Chretien controlled a majority in the House of Commons, he, somehow, had a mandate from the people to govern, and, as such, because Harper does not control a majority, he does not.

It’s rubbish, of course. No Prime Minister receives a mandate from the people. 308 Members of Parliament receive a mandate from the people of 308 individual ridings to represent them in Parliament. Nothing more, nothing less.

The Prime Minister is appointed by the Governor-General, acting in the name of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, and is selected as the person most likely to be able to hold the confidence of the House of Commons. As long as the Queen (represented by the Governor-General here in Canada) wants Harper to remain Prime Minister, and as long as Harper maintains the confidence of the House of Commons, he is Prime Minister. Harper can lose the confidence of the House through having the budget defeated, or by a direct, concise motion of non-confidence. At which point, he must resign, or ask the Queen (again, through the Governor-General) for an election.

Lie #2: The Canadian Public Elects the Prime Minister

As I pointed out in Lie #1, the Queen appoints the Prime Minister, and, in fact, the government as a whole. The government is Cabinet, not the House of Commons, and, in fact, the Prime Minister is only mentioned once – and even then in passing – and nowhere in the British North America Act, nor anywhere in the constitution of the United Kingdom, is the Prime Minister even mentioned! The Position of the Prime Minister does not officially exist.

In practical terms, the Prime Minister is a role of convenience for the Monarch. Our democracy is based upon laws and governance by individuals delegated by the public, and summoned to Parliament by the Monarch. (Which is why the Queen opens Parliament, and Prorogues it.) An election isn’t to choose the Prime Minister, but to advise the Queen on who the people of each constituency want to represent them. When the Queen opens Parliament, she calls 308 individuals to the House of Commons to form Parliament, and asks someone – and not necessarily a Member of Parliament either – to become Prime Minister. The convenience for her in this case is the Prime Minister can then advise her on who to appoint to Cabinet and run the various departments of government in her name.

In our democratic system, obviously, by convention, the Queen will appoint a party leader to become Prime Minister, and the Prime Minister will then advise her to appoint members of the Prime Minister’s own party’s caucus to form Cabinet, but in both cases, nothing says that must be the case.

Lie #3: Stephen Harper has Attacked Democracy

This is one of the most hyperbolic and ridiculous lies the Liberals are telling us. Their “evidence” is because Harper “prorogued Parliament” twice in a year. First of all, as I showed in #2, Harper can’t prorogue Parliament. The Queen prorogues and summons Parliament. Second, the Prime Minister isn’t elected by the people, but appointed by the Queen. The people advise the Queen – through an election – on who they want her to call to Parliament to represent them. That there – the election of Parliament – is our democracy, and last time I checked, our democratic institution of electing our MPs has not been endangered in any way, shape or form.

Lie #4: Stephen Harper is a Bully

Besides being an infantile insult, it is untrue. Harper does not have absolute power in the House of Commons, simply because he does not have a majority, and even if he did have a majority, he is accountable to Parliament, not the other way around. If things get bad enough, even a majority Parliament could pass a non confidence motion against him.

The real issue here is Harper is acting like a leader. He is making decisions, submitting an agenda to Parliament for approval, and getting it approved. If Parliament doesn’t like his agenda, or any particular component of it, Parliament can vote against it. That’s the way things work.

These four of the big lies the Liberals keep telling us. Hopefully it’s helped you see the truth through the myth. Remember, the real story – and no Liberal will ever admit to it – is Liberals believe they have a divine right to govern Canada – they call themselves “Canada’s Natural Governing Party” after all, and also have a very low opinion of the intelligence of the Canadian population. (Remember the Beer and Popcorn comment by a Liberal during the 2005/2006 election campaign?) They simply can’t understand the fact that Canadians have decided to go down a road different than the road the Liberals would take us down, and it frustrates them.

Of course, when one holds an incorrect ideology like the Liberals, once can see how it would frustrate and annoy them.